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South Park's Nod to Minecraft

by Lucy Black

South Park's latest episode, Informative Murder Porn, is the first one I've DVR'd in a loooooong time.  It's not that I don't like the show anymore, but after 17 seasons, I've found myself being a little more selective.  Last week I happened to catch an ad about this new episode in which adults learn Minecraft.  I nearly spit out my drink.

I know other people play Minecraft (Have you seen the world dedicated 100% to Game of Thrones?) ... 

But a part of me always felt like this was my little thing (serious addiction) in my corner of the world.  So when I heard that Trey Parker and Matt Stone were doing an episode involving it - I HAD to see it.

It's hard to explain the mixed emotions I felt when I saw "How do you get a horse to follow you in Minecraft" during the episode and thought, "I'm pretty sure you have to use a carrot, but we don't have horses in our version, so I've never put it to the test."  Followed by, "I wish we DID have horses, because I finally found a saddle in an abandoned mine and would love to see if it would work with a horse.  Oh well, I guess riding a pig will have to do for now."

Then I realized... I AM the adult who learned Minecraft.  Only, I didn't do it to squelch a murder porn addiction.  I did it because I love platform games in which you have to scout out and collect things.  I'm the only adult woman I know who owns every (and I mean EVERY) Lego themed video game they've ever released.

If you Minecraft, you must see South Park's Informative Murder Porn episode.

Now, back to tending my bee & tree farm and fighting off ender baddies and creepers.