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Letterman to Retire in 2015. Here's Why He'll Be Missed:

by Ryder

Late Show Legend Dave Letterman will retire in 2015, something he announced at a taping of his April 3rd 2014 show. Check it out -

The 30+ year vet will leave a HUGE hole to fill in the late night landscape. When Letterman made a later show following a late show a network television thing in 1982, he busted the normal "I'm going to stand in front of a curtain telling jokes and then maybe do some sketches and wear some costumes" format. Here are some things only Dave could have done.

Rupert Jee from the Hello Deli:

Top 10 Lists:

Joaquin Phoenix Interview (when Dave was part of a performance art piece he didn't know about):

Lindsay Lohan Interview (When Dave gets her to talk about rehab when no one else can):

And of course the Kaufman/Lawler interview:

"But what you can't do is throw coffee" might be the best improved line in late night television history. Letterman will be missed.