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10 Things Radio Listeners Will Never Say About Your Ad

by Terry Stevens

1.  "I sure am glad you repeated your 10 digit phone number 3 times in the ad.  I don't have internet or a phone book and would have no way of looking it up otherwise."

2.  "You have a 'friendly, knowledgeable staff'?  Sold!"

3.  "Good thing you said "w-w-w" before your website!  Who knows what I would have typed in instead?"

4.  "That really fast disclaimer at the end of your ad makes me trust you even more."

5.  "Like you on Facebook?  You bet I will!  I've been looking for more friendships with businesses!"

6.  "Wow, those [two ladies chatting over coffee/two guys chatting by the bubbler] about your business sound just like people I know in real life!"

7.  "By God, you're right!  It is 'that time of year again'!

8.  "Your restaurant serves a 'full menu'?  Great!  I'm sick of all of those half, quarter and eighth menus."

9.  "If you don't have it you can order it for me!  Awesome!  That's SO much easier than ordering it myself from the internet!"

10.  "I'm sure that your 'Famous/Fabulous Friday Fish Fry' is waaaay more Famous/Fabulous than all of the other Famous/Fabulous Friday Fish Fries I've heard about today.

Terry Stevens is a professional radio advertising copywriter and radio host for Midwest Communications in Wausau, Wisconsin.  His copy and production work has won several awards from the Wisconsin Broadcasters Association over the years.  More important, clients who have run his ads tend to make money from them.  The precedeing opinion does not necessarily represent that of Terry's employer.