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A Slash meet & greet turns into something VERY special

by Lunchbox

Melissa is a listener from Marshfield, due to her condition, she cannot walk without the assistance of a cane. She also recently found out that she is pregnant with her second child. 

Melissa was very excited about the possibility of meeting Slash, so she brought a guitar out to hopefully get signed. When it came time to do our Slash meet & greet contest, Melissa sadly didn't win. She left the guitar with us for safety. 

The woman who did win, Suzzy, heard Melissa's story while she was collecting her meet and greet passes, that's when Suzzy became the hero. Suzzy took Melissa's guitar, without telling her, and got it signed. 

After the guitar returned to the booth, Melissa and Suzzy met each other as Suzzy presented the guitar. 

Tears were shed. 

But it wasn't over. As the two were meeting for the first time, founding member and bassist for Megadeth, David Ellefson, was coming to the Rock 94.7 booth for an interview. He noticed what was happening, and offered to sign the guitar as well. 

Insert more tears here.

This is a Rock Fest moment, something that can only happen here. 

Suzzy is in the white, Melissa is in the pink