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Will Device (David Draiman's new band) perform Disturbed songs at Rock Fest?

by Lunchbox

I took a lot of questions about David Draiman (of Disturbed) and his new band Device when the Rock Fest lineup came out. A lot of people were unfamiliar with them. 

One of the conversations though was with someone who was VERY well versed in David Draiman's work. The thing that stuck out to me about that conversation was their interest in hearing Disturbed material (they'd never had a chance to see Disturbed before their current "hiatus") and not wanting to completely burst their bubble, I just planted a seed of doubt about the band playing Disturbed songs. At the time of this conversation, David Draiman had already made this statement about performing live with Device

“No, no Disturbed songs, there may be a cover or two but there won’t be any Disturbed songs.” 

So I tried to let them down easy, I pointed them in the direction of the internet, to find the news they needed to read. But it's been in the back of my mind since then, 'how many other people are looking for Disturbed material at Rock Fest?' So I figured I should post the info now, to make sure no one was disappointed after their set. 

BUT, it's David Draiman, you never REALLY know what the hell he's going to do...

Anyway, here's a set from Device earlier this year in Dallas, they perform a NIN cover and a solo version of "Close My Eyes Forever"