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A "Beautiful" Game?...OK

by Tom King

I think most of you know I'm not a big soccer fan. I have just never been able to connect with what others call 'The Beautiful Game". Brewer announcer Joe Block said he isnt a big fan because he doesnt know the game. never learned it. Didnt grow up with it. He doesnt know if he doesnt like it or not because he doesnt understand it. I would agree with that assessment. There was no soccer around when I was growing up. No soccer leagues. No soccer on TV. We didnt play soccer. Now it seems to be everywhere. I'm not going to dismiss it like some people who call it boring and dull and other not very complimentary terms. I hear the same things said about baseball and I just chalk it up to ignorance of the beautiful nuances of the game I love. I caught a glimpse of what the game can be during the frantic final minutes of the US-Portugal game yesterday. When the Brewer game ended I switched over to the soccer game and the US was leading 2-1 after scoring to second half goals. The game was in extra time which is another quirk that I have never quite figured out. What other game that has a clock doesnt let fans know how much time is left? It's totally goofy but it kinda adds to the excitement as a team tries to run out the clock. Like the end of a hockey game the US was trying to play keep away and it looked like they had accomplished it when all of a sudden, in the blink of an eye, one of the best players in the world (Ronaldo) found the ball on his foot and launched an impossibly beautiful crossing pass to a streaking teammate (Silvestre Varela) who headed the ball past goaltender Tim Howard for the tying goal. The timing involved to make it work was breathtaking. In that one moment you could see why so many people are crazed about the game...the problem for me is that there are not enough of those moments to hold my attention.

The US is still in a very good position to move on to the knockout round...but when you were just a few seconds from advancing and now you have to play another game to do it...it must be a little disconcerting.

The Brewers keep it rolling with the best road record in baseball and the best overall record in the National League. They took 6-7 on the road trip and now return home to face Washington tonight...pre game at 635 on WSAU.

The Woodchucks had a chance to move into first place with a win yesterday but couldnt get it done. La Crosse beat the Chucks 3-1 at Athletic Park. They host La Crosse again tonight. They have 11 games remaining in the first half of the season. You can hear the game on Foxsports Radio AM1390 & FM 93.9.

The Wausau Post 10 American Legion Bulldogs split a pair of doubleheaders over the weekend..sweeping Menominee on Saturday and getting swept by Chippewa Falls on Sunday. They play a league game in Marshfield tonight at 7pm.

New York State Of Mind-Billy Joel (1976) Joel's love-letter to the Big Apple from his Turnstiles album

New York's Not My Home-Jim Croce (1972) a different take on the Big Apple from his debut album "You Don't Mess Around With Jim" Loved his stuff and Murrays acoustic playing was great too.