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Inmates Running The Asylum

by Tom King

 Kobe Bryant went off on the Laker brass yesterday saying he will not play for Coach Mike D'Antoni again and also questioned the ability of GM Mitch Kupchak and the brother-sister duo of Jim & Jeanne Buss to rebuild the team from the disaster that this injury plagued season has become.

Bryant also questioned why Phil Jackson was going to join the Knicks front office and not be brought in to try and rebuild the Lakers.He also questioned why Jackson as passed over for D'Antoni in the first place. It is hard to understand, since Jackson is the fiancee of Jeanne Buss, how they would pass over him not once but twice...unless they think that D'Antoni can turn this ship around.

I'm not going to defend the coach. It seems that D'Antoni knows one system and tries to shoehorn his players into it even if they don't fit. My problem though is with Bryant...and any other superstar who decides that they can run the team better than the people that sign his paychecks.  I understand the hyper-competitive nature of guys like...and Bryant realizes that at his age and after two serious injuries, his window of oppourtunity is closing quickly. But his job is very simple...go out and play as hard as he can under the direction of the coach that he is given. For this he is paid huge amounts of money.

Because of Bryant's comments the Lakers are now in an impossible position. They really cant bring back D'Antoni unless they are prepared to either have a pissed off star or they are prepared to trade Bryant. The latter choice is not as incredible as it might have seemed a few years ago. And it would definitly send a message that no player is bigger than his team...even in the NBA.

Magic Johnson also weighed in on the subject of the Lakers and Phil Jackson. He should know what its like since he got Paul Westhead fired all those years ago. 

The Packers re-signed Mike Neal yesterday. As defensive free agents signed with other teams around the league, the Packers only move was to re-sign their own guy. No offense to Neal but I'll ask the question on  the lips of many fans this morning...how does this make the Packers better?

Matt Garza got lit up again yesterday. The new Brewer pitcher is having a rocky spring although the defense behind him was terrible yesterday. The thing that you have to remember is that every stat in the spring (good and bad) means nothing. These numbers disappear on Opening Day. I've seen it too many times...guys have hot or cold springs and once the games count the results are totally opposite. Talk to me again in May.

Lots of hoops on the schedule today...the State boys basketball tournament begins at the Kohl Center...the girls sectionals begin including DC Everest vs Superior tonight on Foxsports Radio AM1390 & FM 93.9...the Big Ten Tournament begins with four games today Illinois-Indiana, Penn State-Minnesota, Northwestern-Iowa and Purdue-Ohio State.

And its a big weekend of Pointer sports...we'll talk more about that tomorrow.

Songs of The day   (from my I-pod)

Moonage Dream-David Bowie (1972) one of the more important songs on the classic "Ziggy Stardust" album

Moondance-Van Morrison (1970) the bluesy Morrison gives jazz a try with fantastic results...just a great song