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Leave Johnny Football Alone

by Tom King

Sportswriters and commentators are in many cases frustrated jocks. They couldnt play so they started covering sports. And many believe it is their purview to "protect" the games they write and talk about. Remember Robert Duvall's character in "The Natural"? He had a line when talking to Bob Redford's character that went something like "tomorrow whether you're a hero or a goat...youre gonna make a great story". The problem with many writers and commentators in the celebrity gossip world of today is that if there is no story they will make one up. Case in point...Johnny Manziel's recent weekend trip to Las Vegas. According to some of the self-righteous bloggers and reporters out there, Manziel was dis-respecting the game by spending the weekend relaxing and partying with Rob Gronkowski and others in Sin City. Manziel answered his critics yesterday after practice in Cleveland. He said 'I don't live my life according to you guys or according to what other people think of me. I'm going to live my life to the fullest and continue to be committed to this game and continue to be committed to what I'm doing here. Trying to earn my place in this locker room. If I want to go out and have fun and it doesnt hinder my main goals in life..then I really dont care what anyone has to say". He's exactly right. Until his lifestyle off the field affects his play on the field...the jealous wanna-bes should shut their pie-holes. But it won't happen. Johnny Football makes good copy...and many, not all but many in the fifth estate are hoping for a downfall. I believe Johnny Manziel is going to be a very good pro...maybe the steal of this years draft...while all the while pricking the balloons of those who think they know how every pro athlete should behave on and off the field...and THAT will be a great story.

Carlos Gomez of the Brewers is only fifth in the first release of All-Star voting. Ryan Braun is 3rd. Obviously they should be reversed and it would be a shame if Gomez isnt in the starting lineup at Target Field this summer. Brewer fans..get to work.

I'll have the DC Everest at Wausau East baseball game today at 4:45 on Foxsports Radio AM1390 & FM 93.9...preceding Woodchucks baseball.

The Woodchucks and Rafters have both started the season 0-2. Something has to give tonight when they meet up at Witter Field...game time 7pm.

Songs Of The Day (from my I-pod)

Needles & Pins-The Searchers (1964) a classic from the British Invasion

Negative Girl-Steely Dan (2000) a great track from the Grammy winning "Two Against Nature" LP