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NFL Or Pop Music...Who's More Powerful?

by Tom King

Somebody in the NFL front office decided that the Super Bowl Halftime show is such a big deal that maybe they could make some more money on it by charging the acts that appear for the opportunity. The league has put out feelers to Katy Perry, Rhianna and Coldplay asking if they would be willing to either pay a fee or give the league a percentage of any post Super Bowl tours. Some acts have seen ticket sales rise following an appearance at the Super Bowl. As you might expect all of the acts concerned were "chilly" in their response. This may be a case of overreach for even the NFL. The pop music industry in this country may be one of the few that can call BS on a "suggestion" from the NFL. We've come a long way from "Up With People" and Anita Bryant being the Super Bowl halftime entertainment.

The Brewers did it again. Mike Fiers continues his hot streak as Milwaukee beat Toronto 6-1. They play afternoon baseball today. You can hear the game on WSAU at 12:35.

If you want to see Little League sensation and Sports Illustrated cover girl Mo'ne Davis she'll be on the mound tonight leading her squad in a semi-final game at the LL World Series. It's too bad that girls who love baseball and are good at it are not given a chance to try and play it at the high school level. They get shunted off to the softball field. I'm not saying that every 12 or 13 year old female baseball player would be good enough or even interested in competing at that level...but shouldnt they have a chance if they want to try. I'd certainly take a female pitcher on the Wausau Legion team if she could throw mid-high 80's with good breaking stuff.

Just got caught up with the mid point of the final season of Mad Men. It was a nice send off for Robert Morse and some nice work again by Slattery , Hamm & Moss. Looking forward to the final episodes in the spring.

Songs Of The Day (from my I-pod)

Happy Birthday to Jimmy Pankow of Chicago and Led Zep front man Robert Plant

Beginnings-Chicago (1969) a great track from one of my favorite albums...the first Chicago album when they were still a great band

Rock & Roll-Led Zeppelin (1971) a classic track from Led Zep IV. Shows Plant's love of the 50's and early 60's stuff he cut his teeth on