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Primetime Packers

by Tom King

The Green Bay Packers are once again a popular choice with tv programmers. The NFL released it's full regular season schedule on Wednesday and the Packers will be featured in five Primetime games and 2 late afternoon national games from Lambeau. Green Bay will open the season on the first night, Sept 4th as they travel to Seattle to take on the defending Super Bowl champs. The home opener is the following week against the NY Jets at 3:25. Green bay will host Minnesota in a Thursday night game on Oct 2nd...play at New Orleans on Sunday Night Football on Oct 26th and host Chicago on Sunday night Nov 9th...play New England in a late afternoon game at Lambeau on Nov 30th...and make an appearance on Monday Night Football on Dec 8 hosting Atlanta. It's an interesting schedule with five of the first eight games on the road...a mid season bye week on Nov 2nd...and then five of the last 8 games at home...including four out of five from Nov 9-Dec 8. Mike McCarthy said he likes having a tough game right out of the chute because he thinks it will help the players in training camp and the pre-season sharpen their preperations and keep the interest levels high during the dog-days of August. He also likes having a mid-season bye week. Plus the Packers will take two trips to Florida this year...the fans should like that...Oct 12th at Miami and Dec 21 at Tampa.

Apparently there is another unwritten baseball rule to talk about. A few days after we have discussed Carlos Gomez and the watching of long fly balls by batters...we now have the use of pine tar to better grip the baseball on a cold night by pitchers. Michael Pineda of the Yankees who last week was caught by tv cameras with some gunk on his hand (he claimed it was dirt), was caught again last night and ejected from the game with the Red Sox. After struggling is his first inning on a cold night...he returned for the second with an obvious glop of pine tar on his neck, visible for all to see. After a few pitches Boston manager John Farrell came out to complain and umpire Gerry Davis (an Appleton native) tossed Pineda. What was interesting was the reaction of former players like Rick Sutcliffe and Aaron Boone in the booth. Neither was bothered too much by Pineda's use of pine tar...but by his lack of discretion. He didnt hide it well enough. Sutcliffe all but admitted that he and most pitchers at one point or another have used something to help get a better grip on the ball. Boone even suggested that MLB needs to legislate some way that pitchers can use something (like they do resin now) on cold windy nights. And it seemed that Pineda's biggest mistake was that he rubbed Boston's nose in it by being so obvious. t will probably earn him a ten game suspension and should really spice up the rest of the Boston-Yankee games this season.

The Brewers have the day off after winning another series...taking 2 of 3 from the Padres. The Cubs come to town this weekend.

Songs of The Day (from my I-pod)

My Girl-Temptations (1965) A Smokey Robinson song with David Ruffin singing lead... a huge hit and a soul classic

My Guy-Mary Wells (1964) another Smokey song and another Motown #1. This is from an appearance on the mid- 60's music show Shindig which was famous for having the artists sing live as opposed to lip-synching.