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The Merry-Go Round Keeps On Turning

by Tom King

There has not been alot of stability recently in the high school coaching ranks. Just in the last few weeks we have seen Pat Galligan and Melissa Yuska step down as girls basketball coaches at Wausau West and Merrill. Now Wausau East will be looking for an new girls hoops coach as well. Andy Meyer is stepping down after five years at the helm. The East girls program has struggled to win games for years. They havent won a Valley game in four years and finished 1-21 this season. Coach Meyer says he is not leaving because of the losing and I believe him when he says he just wants to do other stuff. But running a high school program is a grind even when you win and to go through all of the effort and devote so much time to a program and not win a few once in awhile has to be draining. You take away the positives where you can find them...watching your players improve ...watching them exel in the classroom...competing hard all the time while knowing they are the underdog. The Lumberjacks have some talented girls coming back next season and whoever tales over this program will not find the cupboard bare. Perhaps a young coach just starting out to put his or her imprint on the program right from the start?

It will be another busy spring for East athletic director Greg Harvey. Not only will he have to re-schedule numerous baseball and softball games becuase of weather but now he has to search for both a girls BB and a football coach. Scott Mallien stepped down a couple of weeks ago and will move back to the Green Bay area at the end of the school year.

More major league pitchers left games with injuries yesterday. The spate of arm problems this spring has to be troubling for the powers that be in major league baseball. And nobody seems to know whats causing it. So far the Brewers have been lucky and avoided any serious injuries to their staff. The Brewers will be back at it today in Philly..pre game at 2pm on WSAU.

Songs Of The Day (from My-I-pod)

Mr. Dieingly Sad-Critters (1966) a New Jersey one hit wonder band in the mold of The Association

Mr. Jones-Counting Crows (1998)