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The Sterling Problem Is No Secret

by Tom King

New NBA Commissioner Adam Silver will be forced to deal with something that former Commish David Stern and the NBA owners have known for sometime. LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling is a virulent racist and an embarrasment to the league. This isnt something that just reared its ugly head with the public release of the audio tape of Sterling's racist rant. Sterling has not only been one of the worst owners in the history of the league...his actions in his other businesses have given a myriad of clues over the years about his racial views. He's been accused of housing discrimination in his real estate business. He's been charged with workplace sexual harassment and other legal issues involving not only the Clippers but his other businesses as well. And it hasnt been a secret. It just has never been as public as the TMZ tape release. And now the NBA has to act...but what can they do? SI.com has an excellent piece on the legal recourse for Silver and the ramifications of each possible action. They talk about fines...but that wont get it done here. Even a fine in the millions would not even make Sterling blink although he has been tighter with a dollar that any owner in recent memory. A suspension would be better and has some precedent in other sports...although not in the NBA. I'm sure that Silver and many of the league owners would like him to just sell the team and go away...but can the league force a sale without facing lawsuits of their own from Sterling? I've heard Silver is a good guy and a smart basketball man. It will be interesting to see how he handles the first major crisis of his tenure. And whether the other owners will support him if he wants to set a precedent and send a clear message that views like Donald Sterling's are not welcome in the NBA or anywhere else.

The Brewers will face some adversity this week as they head into a road trip at St. Louis and Cincy without Ryan Braun. Braun will miss 3-5 days according to Ron Roenicke with a abdominal muscle strain. Jean Segura was also hurt over the weekend when he was accidently hit in the head by Braun with a bat near the dugout during Saturday's game. Segura didnt suffer a concussion but he did miss Sunday's game and maybe will miss a few this week. The injuries and Martin Maldonado's suspension left the Brewers with only two bench players in Sunday's loss.

I had a great time Saturday at the Rock & Roll Revival at the Rothschild Pavilion. The event, which reportedly is the last one, raised alot of money for the Honor Flight and allowed alot of great musicians to get back on stage together for their friends and families. Grandchildren got to see their Grandpa's act like teenagers again as they blasted through enough Elvis, Beatles and Chuck Berry to keep the everyone happy. There was also a solid slice of 70's stuff including Andy Zynda channeling John Fogarty in a CCR fueled set. There was a big crowd for the event and hopefully thay can bring it back at some point. It seems that the planners would like some young blood to take over the event and I'm hoping that can happen.

Songs Of The Day (from my I-Pod)

My Head Hurts, My Feet Stink & I Don't Love Jesus-Jimmy Buffet (1975) a typical Buffet tune about another party night...he can write these in his sleep. From the Havana Daydreamin album.

My Hometown-Bruce Springsteen (1984) one of the many hits from "Born In The USA" . There is just something in the Boss's voice that adds gravitas to song like this. That plus the understated greatness of the E-Street band makes something simple like this into great music