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Time To Get After It

by Tom King

As the football season is upon us there are those who will shut down their baseball fandom for the year. Normally the Brewers would be out of it by this time and you could move on to the Packers and Badgers without a second thought. Not this year. Milwaukee has a legitimate chance to win the Central Division. Despite the trades St. Louis has made to bolster their pitching staff they have question marks including the loss of Yadier Molina. The Pirates now face the prospect of 3 weeks with Andrew McCutcheon...and the Reds are collapsing quickly. As you are preparing for your fantasy football draft...better keep one eye on Miller Park... a pennant race is certainly more exciting than pre-season football.

Speaking of football...high school teams will begin their quest today. Practice begins as teams prepare for their openers which will come in three weeks. My first Wausau East broadcast is Thursday August 21st from Thom Field. I'm hearing good things about the Lumberjacks preparations under new coach Tom Tourtillot.

Happy Birthday to Loni Anderson who turns 69. Her deadpan humor was a big part of the success of WKRP in Cincinnati

Today is also the birthday of American bandstand which made its debut in 1957. The first record played was...

The first act to appear was...