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Cheap Trick
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ELO Kiddies (single version)    
Hot Love    
He’s a Whore    
Mandocello (live) (feat. Billy Corgan)    
Clock Strikes Ten    
Southern Girls (single version)    
Hello There    
California Man    
High Roller    
Auf Wiedersehen    
I Want You to Want Me (live)    
Ain't That a Shame (live)    
Takin’ Me Back    
Dream Police    
Gonna Raise Hell (live)    
Way of the World    
Stop This Game    
World’s Greatest Lover    
Everything Works If You Let It (full version)    
She’s Tight    
If You Want My Love (alternate, extra bridge version)    
I Can’t Take It    
Tonight It’s You    
This Time Around    
The Flame    
Had to Make You Mine    
I Can’t Understand It    
Can’t Stop Fallin’ Into Love    
Walk Away (feat. Chrissie Hynde)    
Woke Up With a Monster    
Hard to Tell (live)    
Say Goodbye    
Scent of a Woman    

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