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Napalm Death
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The Kill    
You Suffer    
Unchallenged Hate    
Siege of Power    
Greed Killing    
Suffer the Children    
Mass Appeal Madness    
Next of Kin to Chaos    
Judicial Slime    
Lucid Fairytale    
If the Truth Be Known    
Plague Rages    
Social Sterility    
From Enslavement to Obliteration    
Low Point    
Chains That Bind Us    
Armageddon X 7    
Breed to Breathe    
The World Keeps Turning (EP version)    
The Infiltraitor Lyrics Buy
Nazi Punks Fuck Off    
Rise Above    
Missing Link    
Mentally Murdered    
Walls of Confinement    
Cause and Effect    
No Mental Effort    
Pride Assassin    
Avalanche Master Song (live)    
One and the Same    
Sick and Tired    
Malignant Trait    
Killing With Kindness    
Means to an End    
Insanity Excursion    
Truth Drug    
Living in Denial    
Food Chains    
Upwards and Uninterested    
I Abstain    
Politics of Common Sense    
Internal Animosity (feat. Dorrian)    
Scum (feat. Dorrian & Steer)    
Life? (feat. Dorrian & Steer)    
Retreat to Nowhere (feat. Dorrian & Steer)    
Remain Nameless (Pete Coleman original mixdown)    
Twist the Knife (Slowly) (Pete Colema    

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