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White Riot    
Listen (edit)    
Interview With the Clash on the Circle Line, Part 1    
Interview With the Clash on the Circle Line, Part 2    
Capital Radio One    
Remote Control    
London's Burning (live)    
London's Burning (Dutch 7")    
Complete Control    
City of the Dead    
Clash City Rockers    
Jail Guitar Doors    
(White Man) In Hammersmith Palais    
The Prisoner    
Tommy Gun    
1-2 Crush on You    
English Civil War (Johnny Comes Marching Home)    
Pressure Drop    
I Fought the Law    
Groovy Times    
Gates of the West    
Capital Radio Two    
London Calling Lyrics Buy
Armagideon Time    
Justice Tonight (UK 12")    
Kick It Over (UK 12")    
Clampdown (US Promo 12")    
The Card Cheat (US Promo 12")    
Lost in the Supermarket (US Promo 12")    
Rockers Galore... UK Tour (feat. Mikey Dread)    
Rudie Can't Fail (Dutch 7")    
Train in Vain (Spanish 7")    
The Call Up    
Stop the World    
Hitsville U.K.    
Radio One    
Police on My Back (US 7")    
Somebody Got Murdered (Spanish 7")    
The Magnificent Seven (edit)    
The Magnificent Dance (edit)    
Lightning Strikes (Not Once but Twice)    
One More Time    

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