Sons of Rock MC

Sons of Rock MC

Come be a part of The Sons of Rock Music Crew.

Rock 94.7's Sons of Rock needs your help with another music research test.

Join The Sons of Rock MC

We’re looking to create a group of listeners to act as our research panel. This focus-group of fans will be known as The Sons of Rock Music Crew (or MC).

Our goal is to create a private Facebook group to have more one-on-one conversations with our listeners. We’ll offer the first chance at our music research, ask questions that will directly influence the station, and take feedback on promotions and events.

The main purpose will be to have music research conducted on a regular basis.

We will only take a select number of applicants into the group, but the group population will NOT BE PERMANENT. We will move listeners in and out over time, so more voices can be heard. If a participant does not actively help with the research, we will have to remove them from the group in favor of someone who will help. We will not be selecting "the best" applicants, we will take the qualified individuals and use a lottery system to select our first batch of participants.

Interested in joining? Check out the Sons of Rock MC Facebook Group.