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  • CNN catches UFO on film in Denver

    Posted by Lunchbox

    Some pretty solid video was captured of a UFO in the Denver area. CNN has a cool video on it here (click on the pic)

    Now in the video, the mention the location they think this UFO is launching and landing I Google Map'd that address, and there's a pretty shady house there...

    You can click on this pic of the house to get a better look...but what's up with the debris and crop circles? 

  • Aaron Rodger busy bye week...

    Posted by Lunchbox

    Sorry ladies, looks like #12 may have gotten engaged during the Packers bye week.

    Rodgers and his girlfriend were spotted at a Vanderbilt game over the weekend (Aaron's brother plays there) and it looks like his gal pal Destiney Newton was sporting a giant rock.

    Busted Coverage has more on the story... 

    Here's a shot from a story we did before on the possible future Mrs. Rodgers...


  • Hurricane Sandy aftermath pics

    Posted by Lunchbox

    This pic is from people who allegedly broke into a New York City subway station. Check out the trash in the water

    The FDR became a river

    Another subway pic

    Empty Time Square

  • The ACTUAL photo of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier during the Hurricane

    Posted by Lunchbox

    There has been a picture of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier that has been making its way around the internet today, claiming to be from today. The photo has three soldiers gaurding the tomb with some rain coming down. The picture is supposed to be taken from today showing the effects of Hurricane Sandy...but that's not the case, the picture was from September (you can read more here and see that picture). But THIS picture was actually taken by the US Army TODAY during the Hurricane

    Doesn't matter if it's the fake pic, or this one, these guys are legit, and have my full respect. 

  • Pictures that you've seen today that AREN'T from Hurricane Sandy

    Posted by Lunchbox

    I've been posting pics all day from the damage Hurricane Sandy is causing on the East Coast, but there have been pics making their way around the internet today that are not from this are some examples:

    This picture from the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier is actually from a thunderstorm in September, and NOT from today.

    This pic is actually a photoshop job from 2004, the artist is Mike Hollingshead

    And of course this one isn't can find the rest of the fake Hurricane Sandy pics HERE in the story from Buzzfeed

  • Updating Hurricane Sandy damage in pictures

    Posted by Lunchbox

    We've already had a couple blogs with photos here and here, now here are some updated pics. (I will try to update more pics through the day)

    New Jersey isn't messing around

    And there is damage to prove they know what they're talking about...

  • Picture updates of Hurricane Sandy

    Posted by Lunchbox

    Here are some more photos from the East Coast...

    Yes, that's water as of Monday morning outside the doors

    Those ice freezers are pretty heavy

    Why!?!? Would you drive in this!?!?

    Dairy Queen in Atlantic City, NJ

  • Halloween is a good time to remember the best show MTV ever had

    Posted by Lunchbox

    I know, MTV is a joke now. They don't actually play MUSIC, they have lame award shows now, and the shows they give us suck really bad. But it wasn't always that way. First of all, they used to play music. But when they slowed the music rotation down, and started giving us shows, it was awesome...remember, they brought us Beavis & Butt-head. But they also brought us the greatest game show ever. MTV's FEAR...oh, you don't remember this goodness? Take some time, and enjoy...

  • Wausau woman accused of forcing a dog to drink Drano and bleach

    Posted by Lunchbox

    Now I understand that our system says innocent until proven guilty...but the RAW story is enough to make you sit up, and then hang your head. 

    This is Sean Janas, she is a 20-year-old Wauau woman, who was charged yesterday with multiple animal abuse charges. According to police, she forced the dog to drink Drano and bleach, feeding the dog pills, and cutting the dog's throat...all different events.

    Records of the abuse were kept in Janas' personal diary, which police have been using to build their case. The 4-year-old German Shepard named Mary,died in June after months of abuse. 

    Janas faces charges ranging from a felony charge of mistreatment of animals, to giving a poison to an animal, and obstructing an officer. A judge will determine on October 31st if there is enough evidence to go to trial. If convicted, Janas faces 5 years in prison and $30,000 in fines. 

    There is also a petition started to forcer Janas to face the most severe punishment possible. You can find that here