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  • Teaser trailer for the new Evil Dead remake

    Posted by Lunchbox

    The actual trailer will come out tomorrow...

    ...but there are enough clips in this teaser from Shock Till You Drop to get you ready and excited! Check it out here

    Now as far as remakes go, I'm not a fan. I'm REALLY worried about remakes of great movies, like Evil Dead, but knowing that Sam Rami AND Bruce Campbell are both on board, I feel better about this one...

  • Rebecca Black has met her match

    Posted by Lunchbox

    Everyone remember the worst song ever? Rebecca Black's "Friday"? Well, it's no longer the worst, meet Gnesa

    She has the voice of an angel, and dance moves like Shakira...well, if Shakira lost a leg and went blind in one eye...anyway, check it out

  • Video of the week: Young Rival "Two Reasons"

    Posted by Lunchbox

    Now I'm not saying that this SONG is awesome...but this video is CRAZY. The band Young Rival turned to Michigan artist James Kuhn to make this video stand out, and he killed it...

    Again, it's not the song that makes this awesome, it's the art in the video...thought you'd like it...

  • Good and bad news on Ghostbusters 3

    Posted by Lunchbox

    The good folks at Shock Till You Drop tossed out a bombshell this morning: Ghostbusters 3 will start filming next year. 

    Now depending on how you look at it, that might be the good news. But for me, it's bad. I want them to leave this franchinse ALONE! Stop trying to recapture the magic and come up with a new idea. I love the first two movies, and all they can do it take away from that.


    Now what I consider the good news, you might think is the bad news. Bill Murray sides with me, and will NOT be in a third movie. 

    You can read the full Shock Till You Drop story here

  • Going too far

    Posted by Lunchbox

    I stay away from politics as best I can here at Rock 94.7, but what a Wisconsin man has done, may have crossed the line. 

    This sign is on Hwy 21 near Redgranite. The man who made it CLAIMS to support the President, but with the racist image and type, that from a distance, reads HANG OBAMA, he's clearly trolling. 

    So this is what its come to? We can no longer negotiate between two parties, we can't have civil conversations, we're just going to scream ridiculous rhetoric and make signs like this. Go America. 

    You can read, and see, more on the story from Fox 11 here

  • Lunchbox's DIY Halloween - Vol 5 FOR THE KIDS

    Posted by Lunchbox

    We spent most of last week posting some great costume ideas for Halloween, but they were all for adults...WHAT ABOUT THE KIDS!?!?! Well, I've posted some kids Halloween ideas before, so we may see some ideas that you've already seen, but I'm just trying to help!


  • Lunchbox's DIY Halloween - Vol 1

    Posted by Lunchbox

    Halloween is the greatest holliday EVER...but what can you do, as an adult, for a great costume? Here are some ideas. I hope you will have enough time to get one of these done!

    We'll have more tomorrow... 

  • La Crosse's Jennifer Livingston is a hit on Ellen

    Posted by Lunchbox

    We've all followed the story of Jennifer Livingston, the TV anchor from La Crosse who had a public bout with a local bully...well, she made it onto the Ellen show, and here's how that went...

    Thanks Jennifer, for...well, being you.