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  • Rob Zombie and his crazy-big show

    Posted by Lunchbox

    Rob Zombie brought a 30 foot metal guy with blue eyes that was on fire...and that was before he even hit the stage. 

    We were warned that they would be bringing the FULL ZOMBIE SHOW, but that didn't fully sink in until I saw two 45 foot puppets marching back and forth across the stage. 

    Then there was this during "Mars Needs Women"...

    It was huge, choppy, and shot smoke out all over.

    He finished the show on this giant podium-type-thing


    We'll have some video of the show on the way!

  • Three Days Grace live at Rock Fest

    Posted by Lunchbox

    Three Days Grace took the stage last night at Rock Fest...they slowed it down a lot, but when they brought the thunder, it was LOUD...


    Posted by Lunchbox

    The first flood of fans have come in...the gates are now open here at Rock Fest!

  • Come find our booth!

    Posted by Lunchbox

    If you come out to Rock Fest this weekend and your sitting here...


    Look for our booth...


    To watch our live stage feed! 

  • The Rob Zombie Merch-Machine

    Posted by Lunchbox

    One of the really cool things about rock shows is the show what kind of merch does the most interesting Demon of Rock bring to the table? Bobbleheads...yeah


    Tonight at Rock Fest you can grab yourself one of these fantastic things! Or you can go with the regular shirts...which by the way, they have $16,000 worth of Rob Zombie merch in the booth next to me...that seems a little crazy...