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Re-purposed Wood Shakes Make Fun Home Decor

by Amy Iler

Interested in a Pinterest-inspired sign (without the pallet wood)?  I'm a your girl. 

We have a lake cabin.  Yes, a "cabin".  Not a lake "home" equipped with air conditioning and a working stove.   The "'60's-brown-and-orange-decor" "thrift-shop-style" "don't-have-to-take-off-your-shoes" "insulation-free" cabin.  

So, we decided to give the place (or at least one room) a face-lift!  

In doing so, we had to take down 7, 481 (well, something close to it) wood shakes that adorned the living room walls.  And, after all was said and done and the walls were a bare beige color, I thought it would be fun to pay tribute to the once hard-to-clean walls by creating something new with the boxes (and boxes... and boxes) of wood shakes I had inherited.  

Here's what I came up with: