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The Beauty of a Farmer's Market

by Ken Lanphear

I had a somewhat unique opportunity this past weekend to visit two of our area's outstanding Farmer's Markets.  I paid an early visit to the Kalamazoo Farmer's Market and later that morning my travels took me to Holland for the market on 8th Street.

Farmer's markets are very special places and not just for the wonderful food and goods available.  They're wonderful places for socializing, running into friends you haven't seen recently or even years.  Many markets like Kalamazoo have incorporated music acts into the event and many performers set up shop and their tip jars along the walkway in Holland.

But, the food remains the star of the show at the market and if you're able to drag yourself out of a deep sleep early on a Saturday morning to visit the market as things are just getting started, it's truly an amazing site.  Especially at this time of the year when the vendor's offerings seem to be at their peak, to see large displays of radishes, carrots and other delights in their brilliant colors piled high on the tables, mountains of leafy green lettuce and row after row of red ripe tomatoes in the sunshine, it really gives you a perspective on the tremendous abundance of food we are able to enjoy.

Now, as my wife would say, time to stop looking at it and starting putting some more of those vegetables on my plate!~