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She ate all of that? (Jaw-dropping, I mean jaw ACHING video ahead!)

by Justin

Meet Molly- mother of 4 and amateur demolisher of food:

And meet Molly's unthinkable combatant- the Great Divide Burger Challenge at Gronk's in Superior Wisconsin:

6 1lb burgers with cheese, on a ginormous bun, plus 2 pounds of fries.

2 people have 2 hours to eat this burger as a team to best the challenge.  It has NEVER been accomplished.  Until Molly decided to try it...ON HER OWN!  And since I'm making such a big deal out of this, you can probably picture what happened.  Oh wait, no you cannot.  Not only did she finish it, she did it in an unthinkable amount of time.  This video is unreal! 

Watch Molly Destroy the Great Divide Challenge in LESS THAN 8 MINUTES!

Afterwards, Molly was given a championship shirt, her picture was placed on the wall of fame, and she signed the big table at Gronk's.  Her signature says it all...

If anyone, anywhere thinks they have found an eating challenge worthy of her appetite, please let me know.