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Managing back pain

by Nikki Montgomery


It's funny how different my body knows the minute it's out of alignment. Once the chiropractor whips you into shape you realize how you're supposed to feel so when you get out of shape you can tell right away. This is a good thing. Because you feel that something is wrong right away you can get into the chiropractor right away to get it fixed and you adjust pretty easily. If you let things go too long the adjustment can be more difficult and you may have to go in for a couple of adjustments close together to try to get back on track.

I've been seeing Dr. Kevin at Draeger Chiropractic and Laser Center in Weston for regular maintenance so I am now on a schedule of about every 6 weeks. Though I know that if I start feeling discomfort any time before that 6 weeks is up I just need to give the office a call and I can come in sooner. Better to do that than wait until the scheduled appointment.

There are lots of different reasons my back could be out of alignment. It could be because of some unusual activity I did over the weekend, some sort of accident, or maybe just sleeping wrong. No matter what caused it it's nice to know that Draeger Chiropractic and Laser Center is only a phone call away.

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