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Have You Dated A Version Of The Men From "Sex And The City"?

by Abby

"Sex and the City" is one of my favorite tv shows/movies of all time...just plain obsessed....if you've seen the show, have you dated a version of the men Carrie has dated?! Obviously, Mr. Big is my favorite, but Aiden is a close second, I was actually fortunate enough to meet him when he tried a career at country music back in 2006! Here are the men from "Sex and the City" that you've probably dated.

The One Who Got Away

The Older Man

The One You Keep Going Back To

The Unexpected Love

The Wedding Hookup

The One Who Never Gets Over You

The Guy Who Stays by Your Side

The Opposites Attract

The Guy You Think Is Too Good For You

The Mama's Boy

The Guy With the Fetish

The Politician

The Mirror Image Of You

The Right Guy at the Wrong Time

The Experimental Lover