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Slipknot is coming back... next year.

by Otto Man

SLIPKNOT percussionist Shawn "Clown" Crahan told Loudwire in a new interview that 2014 is looking more and more like the year that the band comes back. Crahan said: "SLIPKNOT 2014. You can smell it in the air and people can feel it. The energy is out there and you can feel it. People go places we once were and feel it there, but not in full body, and that's just because we're returning. You can ask anyone around the world what the culture of the 'KNOT is, who truly knows, and they will tell you that something has changed in the atmosphere." As for how all the other Slipknot offshoot projects factor in, he concluded, “Hey, everybody in the band’s got their thing man. I won’t tell you who, where, why, what, when, but 2014 is Slipknot.” More  and more