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Grammys Miss the Mark on Metal (Again)

by Terry Stevens

Note to graphics department.  That's not what I meant when I said, "I want an anti-Grammy graphic"...
PHOTO CREDIT:  Jesse Wagstaff, Creative Commons License .

Once again, the Grammy Nomination committee has chosen to continue their long-term goal of getting every metalhead on Earth to die of disappointment.

And the 56th Annual Grammy Nominees for Best Metal Album are:

* Anthrax - "T.N.T." from the "Anthems" EP.

* Black Sabbath - "God Is Dead?" from "13".

* Dream Theater - "The Enemy Inside" from "Dream Theater".

* Killswitch Engage - "In Due Time" from "Disarm the Descent"

* Volbeat - "Room 24 (featuring King Diamond)" from "Outlaw Gentlemen and Shady Ladies"

Gotta be honest with you, this year's nominees were a bit more legit than last year's list featuring the likes of Sum 41 and Halestorm (who actually won!?!?!?)

Still though, there are a couple of eyebrow raisers on this list.

Let's start with Anthrax.  Look, I LOVE Anthrax.  I thought "Worship Music" was the best thing to happen to metal in 2011.  I will defend their slot as one of the Big 4 until my dying breath.  Hell, I even love a bunch of the stuff they did with John Bush.  But an AC/DC cover being nominated for "Best Metal Performance"?  No.  Just no.

Then there's Sabbath.  I know this is going to sound blasphemous, but would anyone give a damn about "13" if it were recorded by any other band but Sabbath?  Look, I was as geeked as anyone for the reunion, but the album just isn't up there with their self-titled debut, "Paranoid", "Master of Reality" and the like.  Again, I'm glad they got the band back together (minus the drummer), and I'd pay good coin to see them play the hits live, but this just ain't the best that 2013 gave us.  With that being said, "God Is Dead?" will probably win the trophy.  They're up for best Rock Performance too (which I have less of an issue with), so they may even double-dip.

I don't really have any complaints about Dream Theater, KSE or Volbeat being up.  DT's a very musically accomplished outfit, KSE's new album proved that they could still bring it with their original lead singer, and Volbeat is actually doing something different in the world of metal (plus King Diamond is teh bomb).

So who would I put up instead of 'Thrax and Sabbath?

I'd start with Dillinger Escape Plan's "One of Us is the Killer"...

...or "Prancer"...

...or "When I Lost My Bet"...

The guys in DEP give zero effs about awards and whatnot.  They just play uncompromising, technically amazing, cathartic music.  It's a hell of a lot more interesting than an AC/DC cover.

Moving on, I'd also put The Ocean's "Pelegial" up for a Metal Grammy Nom.  The album is essentially one song, taking you deeper and deeper into the ocean's (the big body of water, not the band) depths.  That sort of high concept stuff deserves a longer look.

In the end, do the Grammy's haphazard Metal nominations really matter?  Not really.  After losing the Metal Grammy to Jethro Tull back in the day, Metallica went on to release The Black Album and dominate the entire freaking world.

Still though, just once, it would nice to see America's premiere music awards show get it right.

What 2013 Metal album do you feel the Grammys forgot?  Post them in the comments!

*In addition to liking Jethro Tull even though they're not metal AT ALL, "Scary" Terry Stevens is a radio host for Midwest CommunicationsYou can Book Face with him here.