Arguably the Worst Hair Choice Ever is Back with a Twist

It's like a Mullet but different

It's called the Step-Mullet and it's kinda like a mullet, but different. Instead of being super short on top it's a little longer making your hair look like steps. 
Here's another example

Is it edgy? Is it ugly? Or are you gonna run out and get a step-mullet right now? 
I'm just not sure what to think of this style. I've rocked a lot of different hairstyles: pixie, the side shave, long sleek locks, bobs of all lengths and today I'm sporting a long shag. And I've done just about every color: purple, pink, blue, yellow, red, orange, green, blonde, and brown. I just don't know if I can bring myself to try this one.
Nikki "Nikilicious" Montgomery

I'm a Central Wisconsin girl born and raised. I grew up in Port Edwards and participated in cheerleading, basketball, volleyball and softball as well as many clubs like National Honor Society, SADD, yearbook and forensics. I was a very busy high school student and still managed to get good enough grades to go to college at UW-Stevens Point where I was just as busy between working 3 jobs including executive staff positions at the campus alternative rock radio station and volunteering at the campus television station.

After graduation I thought I would take my BA in Mass Communications with emphasis in Broadcasting and Journalism and Minor in Political Science and become a big time reporter in some major city. But instead my internship with our news station here at Midwest Communications turned into a part-time job and opened the door to the morning show co-host position at WDEZ. After 9 1/4 years of fun in the mornings I was promoted to Assistant Brand Manager and moved to The Workday Getaway.

I couldn't deny my love for rock anymore! It was time dive head first into the genre I spent my formative years listening to day in and day out. When the opportunity arose for me to become the Brand Manager for Rock 94.7 and host the morning show I couldn't pass it up.

I'm so happy that I stayed in Central Wisconsin I couldn't imagine raising my three daughters anywhere else.

Favorite band: STP

First concert: Bryan Adams 1992 at the Target Center in Minneapolis (I was 12)

Favorite color: Yellow

Favorite pasttime: Watching Walking Dead, American Horror Story and Covert Affairs

Vice: Wine