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Parents - These are NOT the Same Thing

by Corey Carter

My wife and I learned the hard way...

These two things are NOT the same!

Last night we gave each of our twin boys (22 months) a vanilla yogurt on the couch while they watched the Disney Channel before bed.  We were busy doing things in the kitchen and had our eyes off them for about 10 min. 

We come into the living room and while they decided to eat SOME yogurt, they appearantly thought that "Yogurt" is the same as "Lotion" (as we put lotion on them every night after bath and before bed)

So needless to say, they both had SLATHERED lotion all over their bodies and were trying to rub it into their legs and arms.  I don't think they truly knew what they were (or weren't doing.)  It was one of those SUPER funny/quick moments and I WISH I would have had a camera there, but we QUICKLY got them into the bath instead.

So beware parents - if your kids like yogurt, either make sure you explain to them the difference (if they are old enough to understand) OR make sure you keep your eyes on them!!  Cute but messy!!