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Parents Paying For College, Hold on Tight to Your Wallet!

by David Kuharski

As parents we want what's best for our kids and their future.  Julie and I are only 10 years into parenting--but there are some reading this who have teens who are a lot closer to college than we are.  And, one of the major stories under the surface this year has been the bulging student debt issue.  People in my circle from the financial sector tell me student loan debt is the next major iceberg that the economy appears steaming towards.  Worse yet, interest rates are set to go up if lawmakers in Washington can't reach an agreement.  That iceberg could become a lot bigger, very quickly for graduates already drowning in the student loan ocean.  What's more staggering is when you look at those who didn't graduate--who didn't get their money's worth--but still have to pay. 

This is a warning sign for all of us who want to be able to help our kids go to college....