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Winter Fireworks...quick tip on getting more "keepers!"

by Dave Kallaway

For camera settings..shooting fireworks can be really easy..but here's one thing to keep track of when trying to get more pictures to are good exposures..ones that you want to keep. First..the basic way to shoot fireworks is put your camera in manual, lens auto focus off with the focus set to infinity. Then set your ISO to 200..and your Aperture to f10. Then for shutter setting..set you camera to bulb so that you control how long each exposure will be. I use a shutter release..camera on a tripod so that there's no shaking or movement while you're taking pictures. HERE's the tip though. Fireworks shows always start out with smaller fireworks, right? So that means less light. At the beginning f10 might be just fine. But as the show goes on..the bigger fireworks generate more and more light. So what I do is pay attention to when they start shooting the bigger fireworks and I crank the fstop. By the end of the night..I am probably up at f18-f22. If you don't do that..you might see a lot of blown out pictures on the screen on the back of your camera. So...watch the fireworks while holding onto your cable release..and as the show progresses..close down your aperture to let in less light..and get more keepers!