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The Rock Nation Expert Panel - The Guilty Pleasures of Rock Jocks

by Lunchbox

We've put together 15 Rock Radio experts from across the country to form our Rock Nation Expert Panel. These select few will be tasked with putting together their rankings for various polls and concepts, all for your entertainment. 

Recently we asked the Experts who their Guilty Pleasure artists are. The results? Kind of interesting...

#5 - Justin Timberlake

It's hard to disagree. JT is one of the biggest artists in the world, a student of music, and he's funny...for example:

And guys, Timberlake also gives you some common-ground with your ladies...

#4 - Creed

Yup, some people still have that moment, where they're not paying complete attention to what they're doing, maybe filling out paperwork, when they realize...they're actually singing with a Creed song. This may have happened to you, don't be ashamed, sometimes it creeps up on the best of us. Sidenote, check out those necklaces on the boys in the Creed video...who didn't have one of those in the late 90s?!?

#3 - Bon Jovi


Before we even get into this...LOOK AT THE COMPUTER AND CELL PHONE IN THIS VIDEO! 

Alright, now that you've done that...let's talk about Bon Jovi. At one point it time, it was cool to like them, then it was cool to hate them...and now, it's cool for your mom to like them. Credit to them for transitioning from a band loved by teen boys and hated by their moms, to a band loved by moms and hated by teen boys...either way, they're still making ridiculous cash, so good for them. There's ALWAYS going to be a soft spot in rock fan's hearts for Slippery When Wet, but the post-80s efforts from the group have been more on the Guilty Pleasure side of things.

#2 - The Spice Girls

What? Wait...what? Yes. Our Rock Experts have a hidden love for The Spice Girls. Checking in with the second most votes on our survey, the 90s British pop chicks still own a spot in our Guilty Pleasure treasure chest. Speaking of chest...Gerri Halliwell could have something to do with the fondness for the group...

#1 - Katy Perry

Katy Perry...the pop sensation takes the #1 spot on our Guilty Pleasures list. Not sure if because our Experts have a fondness for the music, or for her really big...um...eyes. YEAH! Eyes, that's it!

Let's just say that there's a chance it might not be her music that catches everyone' attention first...

Either way...she got the most votes, she gets to be on top of our list, no matter your reasons...