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VIDEO: Super-young British songwriter King Krule to release first album in August

by Eli Kroes

Archy Marshall, aka King Krule, aka Zoo Kid is set to release his first official album on August 24th, when he turns 19. Marshall's recordings are some of the most original-sounding in recent times, equally influenced by 80's British rock, jazz, funk, electronica and hip hop. He also sounds like a 30-year-old heavy smoker instead of the skinny teenager he is. 

The album, titled '6 Feet Beneath the Moon,' will feature several re-recordings of self-released tracks, including 'Out Getting Ribs,' a fan favorite:

To date, King Krule has only released a handful of singles, a self-released compilation, and a self-titled EP in 2011.

Photo by Phillip Nguyen.