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Clay Matthews, Nick Perry back at practice.

by Jon Henseler

This is how I envision Mike McCarthy welcoming Clay Matthews back to practice yesterday. Just couldn't possibly come at a better time for the Packers. I just want to run to the roof and shout out, 'I love my best friend Clay!' Clearly with Seneca Wallace as QB we're going to need the defense to be as stout as possible. Especially with the momentum Nick Foles has coming off a 7 TD performance last week. Like really think about that, Nick friekin' Foles is tied for an NFL record with guys like YA Tittle, George Blanda, and Peyton Manning. That would be like me having a random blog explode and being mentioned with Grantland and Huffington Post for most hits in a day. Just absurd. Either way though, we're going to need to hold any team we play to under 20 points for the next three weeks*. I feel like a Seneca Wallace led offense can score 21 points a game as long as we get one touchdown on special teams and defense. 

*Adjusted time out yesterday was 4-6 weeks. Can't we get some Reggie White healing powers going Aaron! I remember when I was a kid Reggie would have a compound fracture on Sunday and be back at practice on Wednesday.

PS: Bleacher Report had this video up comparing Seneca Wallace's throwing motion to Uncle Rico's throwing motion. It make me laugh out loud and then cry almost simultaneously. How much you wanna bet he can throw it over 'dem 'der mountains?