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Happy 44th to #4!

by Jon Henseler

I have a question. Are people still bitter about Brett Favre? Because I think there are but I just can't see how. Now, admittedly, I was as bitter as ANYONE when he went to Minnesota and when he threw that pick I laughed and laughed and laughed with everyone else that Minnesota didn't make the Super Bowl. But let's get real here, this is a top 5 all time Packer and at the VERY least a top 25 all time NFL-er. But I've got a few friends like my buddy Bob Sacamano that still act like Michael Scott when Toby comes back anytime Favre's jersey retirement is mentioned. Like really? Maybe time to chill out a little. Take a Xanax and a deep breath. Maybe watch a season of The League on Netflix or something. But stop worrying about one bad incident 5 years ago. Life a life.

With all that said, I think MOST Packer fans are ready for some type of reunion. Jersey retirement, emotional speech, play one of those highlight montage boner jam type deals and make everyone cry. I think that's all we need. Because if you're a Packer fan who is being honest, the Favre years were some of the greatest years. As in ever. Don't get me wrong, I'm enjoying this ride with Rodgers and Matthews and McCarthy too. But there was just something about those mid-90's teams that I'm nostalgic about. Probably because those are the guys I grew up with. After Packer games on Sunday's I was Brett Favre in the backyard. Just like how kids in the 60's were Bart Starr and kids in the 80's were Lynn Dickey Bart Starr. So yeah, I think if you were a kid of the 90's there's probably a 'better' chance you've left the drama in the rear view mirror. And I've said MANY times that at the present time, Rodgers is a better QB than Favre. I'd take Rodgers over Favre in almost every situation. The exception probably still being if you're down by 6 with the ball at your own 20 and a 1:30 left. That's still Favre time to me. And if ever needed an awkward sext to an intern. That's spelled F-A-V-R-E as well*. But the dynamic that I think Brett brought to every Sunday was the 'unknown.' You felt like every play something magical could happen. And sometimes it did. Sometimes it was horrific as well, but there was always the chance of something memorable. You were going to swear, the question was only will it be 'Brett F&*(&( Favre baby!' or 'F#$$5ing Favre, ugh!'

So we'll if if next year is the year or not. He's been laying low for the most part like he killed a guy with a trident, and to be hones that has helped. Guy couldn't keep his croc out of his mouth for about 2 years there. But lately it's been pretty quiet. I picture him with a Ron Burgundy beard singing 'Afternoon Delight' at a bar in Biloxi with Bus Cook waiting for a call from Mark Murphy. But I think the time has come for him to come home.

*How bad did Favre need there to be a Snapchat in 2008? Just missed it Brett.

PS: Still a top 5 all time sports moment for me was watching him play the Raiders on MNF. I've never been more emotional watching a football game that was a rout from the word go. That plus the next week was my first ever trip to Lambeau when they played, and killed, Denver. But that was the game in Arizona where the Cards beat the Vikes on the final play to get Green Bay into the playoffs. I remember sitting in the stands with my mom's Nokia brick phone getting calls from my buddy Paul giving me updates on the game from Arizona. He called when the Cards were down like two scores with two minutes left and said it was over. Remember this was before smartphones and Sportscenter apps. We were like cavemen. So somebody in the south endzone had an actual radio as Larrivee called the final play in Minnesota and a slow eruption started like the wave through Lambeau. Unreal moment.