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Meet the new voice of Joker

by Greg Belfrage

One of the changes in the upcoming "Batman: Arkham Origins" game is one nobody wanted.  Batman's arch-enemy, The Joker, is being voiced by a new actor.

Mark Hamill has been the voice of the Clown Prince of Crime since 1990. His work on "Batman: The Animated Series" has become iconic Joker. A generation of fans has grown up with Hamill's inspired portrayal and maniacal Joker laugh, so he was a natural choice when developers created Arkham Asylum.

I was very discouraged when Hamill announced that he was taking off the white makeup and putting away the joy buzzers. Hamill will no longer give life to one of the characters for which he is most most identified, second only to Luke Skywalker.

However, my fears have diminished after hearing the new voice of the Joker... talented voice actor Troy Baker. He manages to capture the best qualities of Hamill's Joker, especially the laugh, yet sounds even more malevolent.

Baker gave Batman fans a taste of what to expect during New York Comic Con. Fans were delighted as he read a Joker passage from "The Killing Joke" graphic novel.  Roll the video below into 2:10 for Baker's Joker reading.

This life-long Batman fan can't wait to hear more.

Photo credits: 'Batman: Arkham Origins' Facebook

Greg Belfrage is an avid Star Trek fan, serious Batman toy collector and hopeless geek. He hosts the morning show on KELO Newstalk 1320 AM / 107.9 FM.