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Rock Fest Preview: Sammy Hagar

by Lunchbox

This will be interesting.Even if you squinted your eyes in disbelief when you saw Sammy Hagar's name announced as the Thursday night headliner for Rock Fest, it might be time to change your tune.

Here's why; The Red Rocker isn't just coming out to do a fly-by gig with his Wabos, he's put together an All-Star band , and intends to change the whole Sammy Hagar concert experience. What they hell am I talking about? Sammy has recruited Michael Anthony, the original and most successful bass player of Van Halen , Vic Johnson from the Wabos & BusBoys on guitar, and his drummer will be none other than Rock & Roll Royalty Jason Bonham .

Probably doesn't mean we'll see something as sweet as this:

But it does mean that we'll probably see a set that includes a ton of Van Halen , a little Chickenfoot , maybe a dash of Montrose , some of Sammy's solo work, but most interestingly...we could see some Led Zeppelin.

There are only 7 dates announced for the "A Journey Through the History of Rock" tour, with only 5 taking place in the US . Another added bonus for Rock Fest, this is the first stop on the tour.

We'd love to project a set-list for this show...but there's no way we could even come close right now. With the speculation that this set could include everything from Montrose to Zeppelin, it's not fair to even try...