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A Big Vote For The WIAA Today

by Tom King

It's been a long time coming and the folks involved still don't know if they have it right. The Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association...the organization in charge of high school sports in the state...has a vote scheduled today that is supposed to even the playing field in the playoffs between public and private schools when it comes to sustained success at the state tournament level. It's been an on-going discussion since the WIAA and the private schools of WISAA merged back in 2000. In 2008 a decision was made to place schools in different division using actual enrollment to decide who would be in each class 1,2,3,4,5 etc. Some smaller,rural schools decided that this put them at a permanant disadvantage when it came to advancing to state tournaments in many sports particularly basketball. Even with open enrollment, private schools in urban areas were able to attract the best athletes which led to more sustained success at the state level. You would get schools that would win 3 &4 straight state titles. Now there are smaller public schools that also put together good runs like that and some argue it is the quality of the coaching, popularity of the sport at the school and other factors that are more important than jst enrollment. The schools that disagreed with that assessment raised a petition and got more than 10% of the membership to sign it...to add a multiplier of 1.65 to private school enrollment when determining classification in tournaments. Now this isnt a perfect solution by any means...in fact some school administrators say this will just mean that the best programs will continue to win one step up in classification. But alot seem to think that something needs to be tried even if it may not solve all of the concerns. There are many smaller public and private schools here in Central Wisconsin that will be watching this very closely today and whichever way the vote comes out...don't expect this issue to go away.

The Cardinals beat the Brewers again last night and it has some fans and media members gnashing their teeth over the seeming dominance of the boys in red over the boys in blue. Ron Roenicke doesnt seemed concerned at this point. He said yesterday that the media makes more of this than the teams do. That the Brewers only care about winning games no matter who the opponent is...and a seeming dominance of one team over another is usually a small sample factor which can change in the space of one series. The Cardinals are a very good team that are going to win alot games against all teams not just the Brewers...but just think...if the Brewers win every series against every other team and lose every game to the Cardinals...the Brewers would be a playoff team...so dominance of one team over another is a media and fan creation for the most part that should even out over the long run.

The NBA regular season mercifully comes to an end for the Bucks tonight. Now the focus for the team will be on deciding who they will pick with what will be a high pick in a deep draft...how they will play the free agent market to get better next year...and who will be the new owner (there are a few different groups vying for ownership that will keep the team in Milwaukee) and what that will mena to the discussions of a new arena in Milwaukee. The struggles of this team can change rapidly..remember it wasnt many years ago that teams like the Heat, Clippers. Pacers, Raptors and Warriors were terrible too.

Songs of The Day (from my I-pod)

Muffin Man-Frank Zappa & Captain Beefheart (1975) from the album Bongo Fury shows Zappa at the height of his musical powers. many people cant get past the bizarre lyrics and weird voices to the actual playing...which is stellar

Music-James Taylor (1975) another side of 1975 about as far from Zappa as you can get...the gentle sound of Taylor from the excellent "Gorilla" LP