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A Legend Slows Down

by Tom King

Bob Uecker turned 80 last Sunday and he said this week he will cut down his workload this season. The legendary broadcaster will keep doing all home games but will not take all of the road trips. There is no word on who will replace Uecker in the booth when he is gone either now or permanantly some day but expect the line to be long. Being a major league teams #1 play by play guy is a plum assignment and one that many big name broadcasters would gladly grab even if it meant a lower national profile. You do have to realize that it means 8-9 months of commitment and almost constant travel. So who do you think should replace Ueck not only when he is gone this season but also when he decides to hang it up for good? I've heard names like Matt Lepay and Ted Davis bandied about...also Wayne Larrivee. Of those options I would imagine Ted Davis is the likeliest because of his schedule. Lepay, who will fill in for Brian Anderson this summer for a number of games on Brewers TV says that baseball is his first love...but his Badger football schedule would have to be worked around...and Wayne Larrivee does national games as well as the Packers which would leave him out in August and September. Davis, the Bucks broadcaster, would also have scheduling issues in the spring but is an entertaining guy that would certainly keep some of the fun that Uecker brings to the broadcast in the booth. All three of those guys would have to change their styles which work well for football or hoops but would not translate as well to the baseball booth. I think the eventual replacement will be someone from elsewhere that wont even try to replace a legend like Ueck but bring a different skill set to the job and we the listeners will just have to adjust...which after a time of uncomfortableness...we should be able to accomplish.

Music News for this Friday

Some of the classic acts that will be featured on Super Bowl weekend include Blondie who will headline a show saturday night...the O'Jays who will headline the "Ultimate 70's soul party and the Red Hot Chili Peppers who will play a couple of times including as part of the halftime show. You can also put in a bid for Chad Smith's drum kit he will play at halftime...they are auctioning it for charity.

Prince and Gene Simmons are both heading to your TV screen. Prince will guest star on New Girl this Sunday on Fox and he was part of the development of the episode. Simmons will play himself on an upcoming episode of CSI.

There is a star-studded Amnesty International concert coming up in Brooklyn Feb 5th. Among the acts scheduled...Blondie, Peter Gabriel, Bob Geldof, Sting, Imagine Dragons, Flaming Lips, Lauryn Hill, Madonna and the Russian activist band Pussy Riot.

I though Cher retired? She is going back on tour this summer and will be joined by Cyndi Lauper.

Motley Crue says this summers tour will be their last and have signed legal documents to that effect. The tour will make a stop at Summerfest in Milawaukee on July 4th. and also in Green bay on November 11th and Madison on November 12th.

There is an upcoming tribute album to Jackson Browne in the works. Bruce Springsteen, Don Henley and Bruce Hornsby are on board along with folks like Bonnie Raitt, Lyle Lovett, JD Souther, The Indigo Girls and Ben Harper. The 23 song disc is due on April 1st.

Songs of The day   (from my I-Pod)

Misery-Bodeans(1986) from the Milwaukee band's first album although this cut come from the live alsum Joe Dirt Car in 1995

Miss Chatelaine-kd lang (1992) It's hard to argue that this isnt  one of the greatest voices in music history. Here is an ironic tune that won her a Grammy