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Another Country Heard From

by Tom King

There have been many people weighing in the loosening of marijuana laws in the United States. Some state have legalized recreational use...many others have embraced the medical benefits. In professional sports there have been many users over the years and many players suspended for that use. The latest is Milwaukee Bucks center Larry Sanders who will serve a five game suspension when he returns next season from injury. But Sanders is not the typical case of an athlete busted for getting high at a party or transporting weed in his suitcase. Sanders claims he uses marijuana for medical use and its his belief that it should be leagalized for that very purpose.

Now we can agree that Sanders has been a knuckle head this season...getting into a bar room brawl earlier in the season and injuring his hand. He also has had anger issues on the court over the years. he's currently shelved after having his orbital bone in his eye broken by James Harden elbow in a game in February. But he makes a valid point when he says that "the drugs stigma is rooted in its illegal status and when that is lifted this will all go away. He says he has studied the drug's medical benefits. He said in an interview with the Journal-Sentinel that "in alot of ways we have been deprived. 'You cant really label it with so many other drugs that people can become addicted too and have so many negative effects on your body. This is not the same thing".

He's not alone. Seattle Seahawks coach Pete Carroll says he agrees with the idea that the league should investigate whether medical marijuana can help players.

It seems to me that making a natural substance that grows in the dirt and has been used for medicinal purposes for thousands of years while having shelves of chemically made drugs available for medical and mood enhancing use is short-sighted. And dont get me started on the damage done to our society by the legal drug of alcohol.

Sanders says he knows the drug is llegal in the NBA and will serve his punishment. He apologized to the fans and his team but I would imagine that he, along with many other professional athletes will continue to deal with the damage their work does to their bodies with what ever works...even if its currently illegal in the eyes of the government.

Bill Simmons tweeted over the weekend that he heard from a highly placed source that the Bucks were close to being sold...and not to the Seattle guys. The company handling the matter for owner Herb Kohl said the report was "premature".

The Badger basketball team may have come up short but they certainly gained alot of fans nationally with their performance on Saturday night. No game comes down to one play at the end and they had many chances to pull away. They also had chances to roll over but didnt against a team of players with more physical skill. With all of the core players sans Ben Brust coming back, you would think they can make another run next year...and I cant wait to watch it.

The Milwaukee Brewers went into Fenway Park this week and swept the defending champs. The Brewers pitching has been great and its too bad that todays game has been rained out already. When youre hot you want to keep it rolling.

Songs Of The Day ( From My I-pod)

Mr Bojangles-Nitty Gritty Dirt Band (1970) the Dirt Band brings Jerry Jeff Walker's classic to life and had a big hit

Mr. Businessman-Ray Stevens (1968) along with his comedy songs , Stevens would once in awhile come out with a tune with serious tone...like this one