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Brewers Well Represented At All-Star Classic

by Tom King

The Milwaukee Brewers will have three starters in the All-Star Game tonight. And since Milwaukee is a contender for the playoffs...those players could help determine home-field advantage for the World Series. Wouldnt that be something if Milwaukee can get to the Fall-Classic and have a Miller Park advantage because one of their players came through in the Mid-Summer Classic? I think the decision to make the game mean something was the right thing to do. Players were starting to avoid playing in the game. They preferred the break. The tie game debacle in Milwaukee in 2002 was the straw that broke the camel's back. Lots of great players and Derek Jeter's farewell. Enjoy the game!

Aramis Ramirez will start at 3rd base and bat 6th...Jonathon Lucroy will start at catcher and hit 8th and Carlos Gomez will start in left field and hit ninth.

Ron Roenicke says he will keep his starting pitching rotation in the same order coming out of the break. That means Kyle Lohse will pitch Friday in Washington...Matt Garza will go Saturday and Yovanni gallardo will pitch Sunday.

Songs Of The Day (from my I-pod)

Night In Tunisia-Dizzy Gillespie (1942) it became a be-bop classic...done by everyone of not...here is Diz doing his own composition

Night Moves-Bob Seger (1976) when I was a young jock at WIFC this album came in and we began playing this tune. I was more interested in the rockers on the album like 'The Fire Down Below" and "Rock & Roll Never Forgets" but our afternoon guy Jim Owen (The Duke Of Madness) said this song was going to be a classic...he had good ears.