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Mocking Mock Drafts

by Tom King

It's that time of year when so-called "experts" fill the internet with a thing called mock drafts. This is the guessing game where these "experts" lay out how the NFL draft will unfold. They try and predict who each team wil pick. There may be a bigger waste of time somewhere in the universe but I'm not sure what it would be. Look, I realize that the internet is a giant maw that demands huge amounts of food every day but can we please dispense with this annual circle jerk that means nothing. I have nothing against true analysis of players coming out of college. Tell me who the best safeties are and which linebackers should go high...tell me which quarterbacks are ready for the pros and which ones will need alot of work...but in the end no-one and I mean no-one has a handle on how the dominoes will fall outside of maybe the first couple of picks...so what's the point? Mel Kiper has made a business out of this stuff and more power to him...if he can convince someone to pay him for his educated guesses. But I also can choose to spend my time in more meaningful pursuits...like almost anything.

If you don't believe in karma...check out Donald Sterling's week. Banned for life from the NBA...son dies of drug overdose...now word comes down that he has cancer. It's like the entire universe decided to send a message.

If the rain holds off today...we will have high school baseball tonight on Foxsports radio AM1390 & FM 93.9. I;ll be down at Bukolt Park in Stevens Point as SPASH will host Wausau EAst in a makeup game at 7pm. And you can check out the podcast later at everythinglumberjcaks.com located at foxsportswausau.com.

Songs Of The Day (from my I-pod)

My Music-Loggins & Messina (1973) a Top 20 hit from their Full Sail album. Get your toes tapping.

My My Hey Hey-Neil Young (1979) two different versions of this song were released...an acoustic one and a feedback laden electric one...song dedicated to punk rock and specifically Johnny Rotten of the Sex Pistols