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No Upside Lying To Reporters

by Tom King

Its been a rough start to the season for 2nd year Badger football coach Gary Andersen. It's not just the loss to LSU which had to sting a little more after building the big first half lead. But the strange situation regarding the "reported" injuries to Melvin Gordon and Joel Stave have soured his relationship with some regular Badger reporters and it didnt have to happen. Some coaches regard secrecy as a must. Cant let your opponent know your weaknesses. But this isnt one of those times. GA tells reporters after the game Saturday night that Melvin Gordon was hurt and that's why he didnt play much in the second half...Gordon wasted no time in telling reporters that he could have played every down if necessary. Monday the Badgers release a statement that Joel Stave was hurt and was being shut down for the forseeable future. Stave comes out yesterday and says...no...I'm not hurt, I'm just not playing well. It turns out now that Bart Houston was the back up on Saturday night all along. I can't remember a time when two athletes came out and basically said that their coach had lied to reporters. Andersen has to realize he's not at Utah State anymore. Bill Belichek level paranoia will not play well here. Did he lie to reporters? Some of them probably think so. And it will certainly be harder to take any statement coming out of his office at face value...at least for awhile.

At least some good news came out of Madison yesterday. DC Everest grad Konrad Zagzebski is reported to be ok after being taken off the field on a backboard Saturday night. He took a blow to the head and neck area but it appears he might be able to be back this week although the Bowling Green game is more probable. When have you ever seen a player stretchered off the field and play the next week?

The Brewers are in free fall right now and playing poorly. No offense, shoddy defense and spotty starting pitching is a bad formula for success. It looks like the next four or five games will decide whether even a wild card berth is attainable. Matt Garza should help as he returns to the mound tonight. 6:30 pre game on WSAU.

Book alert...James Ellroy has a new one coming out later this month. It's called Perfidia and its the first of a new trilogy of hard-boiled noir novels set in LA in the 40's. We will also re-visit some old characters that appeared in his excellent novels 'The Black Dahlia" and "LA Confidential. I would suggest if you are not familiar with Ellroys stuff...start at the beginning. His stuff is the secret history of post-war America...what is true..what is fictional...sometimes its really hard to tell.

Songs Of The Day (from my I-pod)

Not Dark Yet-Silversun Pickups (2011) a cover of the Dylan song that first appeared on Dylan's "Time Out Of Mind" in 1997. It's been used in many movie soundtracks and this version is from a collection of Dylan covers called 'Chimes of Freedom" that was used as a fundraiser for Amnesty International. Just a great evocative song

Not Enough-Emmy Lou Harris (2008) a heart rending love song about the death of a loved one.Nobody can sing these songs like Emmy Lou. From her album "All I Intended To Be"