Ronnie James Dio - This Is Your Life

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Neon Knights (feat. Anthrax)    
The Last in Line (feat. Tenacious D)    
The Mob Rules (feat. Adrenaline Mob)    
Rainbow in the Dark (feat. Corey Taylor)    
Straight Through the Heart (feat. Halestorm)    
Starstruck (feat. Motörhead)    
The Temple of the King (feat. Scorpions)    
Egypt [The Chains Are on] (feat. Doro)    
Holy Diver (feat. Killswitch Engage)    
Catch the Rainbow (feat. Glenn Hughes)    
I (feat. Oni Logan)    
Man on the Silver Mountain (feat. Rob Halford)    
Ronnie Rising [medley] (feat. Metallica) Lyrics Buy
This Is Your Life (feat. Dio)    
Buried Alive (feat. Jasta)    

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