The Artist Spotlight- Shape Of Water

Shape Of Water and their song "The World Is Calling Me" were featured today on The Artist Spotlight.

The band  Shape Of Water and their song "The World Is Calling Me" were featured today on The Artist Spotlight. The song is from their upcoming album "Great Illusions" which is out June 12th. 

Check out the interview with the guys below to learn more about the band and their upcoming album.

1. How did Shape Of Water form?

We met (Luca and me) in 2004 in our hometown in Italy and formed our very first band called The Lotus. In 2015 we decided to move to Manchester in search of new music experiences and then, from the ashes of The Lotus, in 2018 we formed Shape Of Water.  

2. Your song, "The World Is Calling Me" will be featured on The Artist Spotlight on Tuesday, May 5th. Can you share what inspired the song or the meaning behind it?

First of all, thank you for featuring our song on The Artist Spotlight! Talking about the song, I wrote it actually long time ago, when the world was about to face another war and I felt I should have said something about it so I sat on the piano and wrote this song (yes, the guitar riff has been written on the piano!). So basically the song's about war and superpowers that spread democracy with bombs.  
3. I've been able to check out several of your songs and they sound pretty diverse. Is that the case for your upcoming album "Great Illusions"?

It is, absolutely. We think that this is actually our strength: we have no boundaries in terms on genres and when we wrote the album we didn't think to focus on something specific, we just had a mutual strong feeling that was surrounding our lives and we translated it into music. This is probably what makes our sound unique and diverse at the same time. It’s music as a function of words, not the other way round.  
4. What are some of the themes on "Great Illusions"?

A pervasive sense of inadequacy towards society. That is mainly the feeling we were talking about before, that resonated during the whole album writing process. In particular though, the album deals mainly with the misconception of human feelings, environment and politics.  
5. Are you guys looking to do anything when it comes to livestream shows due to how things currently are in the world?

The virus, as anyone else I believe, took us by surprise. However, we are absolutely looking into turning this situation into something good, or even better for us, I'd say. We are actually trying to organise a sort of livestream for the album release or at least a concert-from-home. We believe our live shows are the best part of our music and it's going to be challenging replicate them into a digital experience but we're confident that our fans will love it and we hope this will encourage more people to come to our shows when venues will reopen.

Check out the video for "The World Is Calling Me" below:


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