Def Leppard Announce Part-Two Box-Set Dropping in June

Def Leppard will release "Def Leppard – Volume Two", a new limited edition box set on June 21st.

This is the second of four volumes of the complete recorded output of Def Leppard available as both a 10-LP, 180gm vinyl box and a limited edition 7-CD set featuring all the recordings from the band in the 1990's with their original packaging. The records were re-mastered by Ronan McHugh at Joe's Garage and cut by Greg Moore.

This summer, Def Leppard will be taking over the Las Vegas Strip with their exclusive headlining residency show, as well as touring Europe and Canada. 


1. Let's Get Rocked

2. Heaven Is

3. Make Love Like A Man

4. Tonight

5. White Lightning

6. Stand Up (Kick Love Into Motion)

7. Personal Property

8. Have You Ever Needed Someone So Bad?

9. I Wanna Touch U

10. Tear It Down

Retro Active:

1. Desert Song

2. Fractured Love

3. Action! Not Words

4. Two Steps Behind (Acoustic Version)

5. She's Too Tough

6. Miss You in A Heartbeat

7. Only After Dark

8. Ride into The Sun

9. From the Inside

10. Ring of Fire

11. I Wanna Be Your Hero

12. Miss You in A Heartbeat (Electric Version)

13. Two Steps Behind (Electric Version)

14. Miss You in A Heartbeat (Piano Version)


1. Truth?

2. Turn to Dust

3. Slang

4. All I Want Is Everything

5. Work It Out

6. Breathe A Sigh

7. Deliver Me

8. Gift of Flesh

9. Blood Runs Cold

10. Where Does Love Go When It Dies

11. Pearl of Euphoria


1. Demolition Man

2. Promises

3. Back In Your Face

4. Goodbye

5. All Night

6. Paper Sun

7. It's Only Love

8. 21st Century Sha La La La Girl

9. To Be Alive

10. Disintegrate

11. Guilty

12. Day After Day

13. Kings of Oblivion

Rarities Vol. 2:

1. Tonight (Demo Version 2)

2. When Love and Hate Collide (Original Demo)

3. From the Inside – B-Side

4. Two Steps Behind (Acoustic)

5. She's Too Tough (Joe's Demo)

6. Miss You in A Heartbeat (Phil's Demo)

7. Tonight (Acoustic - Sun Studios Version)

8. S.M.C. – B-Side

9. Hysteria (In the Club in Your Face - Bonn)

10. Photograph (In the Club in Your Face - Bonn)

11. Pour Some Sugar on Me (In the Club in Your Face - Bonn)

12. Let's Get Rocked (In the Club in Your Face - Bonn)

13. Armageddon It (Live in Singapore)

14. Two Steps Behind (Live in Singapore)

15. From the Inside (Live in Singapore)

16. Animal (Live in Singapore)

17. When Love and Hate Collide (Live in Singapore)

18. Pour Some Sugar on Me (Live in Singapore)

Rarities Vol. 3:

1. When Love and Hate Collide – B-Side 

2. Can't Keep Away from The Flame – B-Side Slang 

3. Truth – Original Version

4. Move with Me Slowly – B-Side All I Want

5. Work It Out (Original Demo Version)

6. Bringin' On the Heartbreak (Live in Montreal)

7. Switch 625 (Live in Montreal)

8. Miss You in A Heartbeat (Live in Montreal)

9. Work It Out (Live in Montreal)

10. Deliver Me (Live in Montreal)

11. When Saturday Comes – B-Side All I Want

12. Jimmy’s Theme – B-Side All I Want

13. Burnout – B-Side Goodbye

14. Immortal – B-Side Goodbye

15. World Collide – B-Side Promises

16. I Am Your Child – Euphoria bonus track

17. Demolition Man – Denver (Web Site Bonus)

18. When Love and Hate Collide – Tokyo (Web Site Bonus)

19. Paper Sun – Tokyo (Web Site Bonus)

20. Goodbye – Tokyo (Web Site Bonus)