The Artist Spotlight- Polytrip

Check out the video for "Masstream" below.

Polytrip from Budapest were featured on The Artist Spotlight today with their single "Masstream." I had a chance to email back-and-forth with the band and below is what they had to share about "Masstream":

"Basically the whole song popped out of Adam's pen, then we (Akos and Dani) filled it up. During the rehearsals I already thought, that the driving force of this song is some kind of dissatisfaction or some kind of disengagement.

While we played the song at rehearsals I felt like, it has his own thoughts getting filtered through us! I did not feel like ‘ah, this was going to be about love’ or if the message (of the song) would have already been defined by its mood; instead as we progressed structurally, it made us more and more angry, more outspoken, and more rebellious.

The title of the song morphed into Masstream from the word mainstream, which clearly suggests that we (as audience and musicians) are awaiting for meaningful contents to come back in songs. We want to carry individual and unique things with ourselves, not what everyone does.

“Same shit, same prize only new-borns applaud for these now.” I don’t think all of the hit songs are written for new-borns, but it’s a fact that nowadays many people just want to make a living out of them."

You can learn more about the band in the interview they did with our friends at The Rock Spot,  HERE


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