The Artist Spotlight- The Raven Age

This week's featured band in The Artist Spotlight is The Raven Age who are from the United Kingdom.

This week's featured band in The Artist Spotlight is from the United Kingdom. The Raven Age recently released their second album "Conspiracy" which featured today's song, "Fleur De Lis." 

I had a chance to interview their guitarist, George Harris about the band's formation, their most recent album and more. Take a read below. 

1. How and when did The Raven Age form?
Myself and Dan (who is now our band's manger) started the idea of the band back in 2009 shortly after we met. However it was just jam sessions and getting excited about big ideas of what could be back then. It was like this for a while before we actually turn into a full band, we got the rest of the guys in and did our first live show in Feb 2014. 

2. Can you describe the band's sound for us?
I think we’re a total blend of modern and classic metal. We’re pretty heavy with an obvious modern influence but the clean vocals and some of our vocal melodies have a more classic feel. Also our singer (Matt James) is much more of a rock influenced vocalist so that also adds a different element to our sound. We tag ourselves as melodic metal but it's so hard to pin point genre as there’s all sorts of influences going on. 

3. Your sophomore album, "Conspiracy" was released in March of this year, what was the process like for making that album?
It feels like it was split into two sections really. Before and after we changed singers. Dan and I already had a lot of material written for "Conspiracy". But when we went through the period without a singer I was pulling my hair out thinking “I need to write but what’s the point, we don’t have a singer, we can’t even play a show atm”. That was the priority for a good 6 weeks which was a stressful time. But when he (Matt) joined it all clicked into place and we got hard to work on the album. Conspiracy was the first album for MJ and also Tony our guitarist who both write, which it helped with the dynamic to the album. All of a sudden there were tons more ideas flowing and it was more of calibration than the first EP and album. 
4. You've opened for Anthrax and Killswitch Engage in the past and now Iron Maiden. What are some lessons you've learned from those bands when it comes to touring, your stage presence, etc.?
These bands have set the bar in terms of stage presence. They’re all quite a bit older than us, but they play for way longer and keep the energy ridiculously high throughout their entire show which is inspirational. We come off stage after 50 mins/1 hour and we’re shattered haha! Frank Bello was awesome for dishing out advice, he’d pop his head into our dressing room, spur us on and make sure we’re all having a great time and enjoying ourselves which is the main objective! 

5. What does the rest of your 2019 look like?
We’re gonna be on tour until mid October, we then get home for 3 weeks and then head out on tour in Europe supporting Alter Bridge and Shinedown which is going to be awesome! We then have a one off headline show in London on Friday 13th December to round off what’s been a brilliant 2019.  
The Raven Age is currently on The Legacy Of The Beast tour with Iron Maiden. If you missed the song today, take a listen to it below:

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