Y2Kessler: A Flawed Rhombus

What's that? You want me to talk about Maynard James Keenan some more? Gladly! This is actually my favorite song off A Perfect Circle's debut album from 2000, Mer De Noms. The song, titled Three Libras, was originally supposed to be the first single released off the album, but they were talked into making Judith their first single instead. 

There's a couple different explanations as to why this song was written. If you ask MJK, you'll get the type of answer you'd expect from the man...

"Up until the mid twentieth century the mountain gorilla was considered a myth. Oddly enough, a legend not unlike Bigfoot or the Loch Ness monster. The chance of actually seeing/experiencing this elusive shadow was as likely as finding one's soulmate. Rare. Precious. Even once discovered they seemed unapproachable. The only way to get close to this magnificent creature was to become empathetic. Abandon all pretense and preconceptions. To bare an open throat. To collapse into the arms of vulnerability. All but extinct, these beings/moments are threatened by the black hearted. The cold and oblivious. The empty eyed profit seekers that overlook these Rare. Precious."

Then there's the astrological explanation, that certain Libras are parasitic like people (sorry Libras) that see something different about a person, and instead of nurturing that quality, or helping the person grow, they feed off that energy in a bad way. After beating around the bush with explanations, Keenan finally admitted that he new 9 people who had birthdays around the same time. He named the song 3 Libras so that those people with the Libran birthday would fight among each other. So, wait. What was that whole thing with the gorillas about then?!

A Perfect Circle - 3 Libras - 2000