Y2Kessler: This MP3 Will Now Self-Destruct.

You remember the Mission Impossible movies? The movies where Tom Cruise runs away from explosions, drops from ceilings, and hangs out with Ving Rhames? Well today's Y2Kessler song was written and recorded for the 2nd Mission Impossible movie! I Disappear was written and recorded by Metallica for MI:2. This song actually is kind of a big deal, not because it was written for a movie, but because it was the spark that lit the fuse that eventually shut Napster down!

Before the movie released, an early version of I Disappear leaked on Napster, and Metallica was not happy about that. This brought everybody's attention to Napster, which eventually later would get shut down because of this. Funny how bent out of shape Metallica got about people pirating their music when now you can go on your phone and stream the damn song if you want to!

Metallica - I Disappear -2000